Why buy resistance bands?

Resistance Loop Band is the perfect strength training exercise equipment as it targets to tone different areas of your body from your upper to lower extremities. Not just that but it also provides multiple usages. In fact, a lot of medical practitioners recommend it such as physical therapists who often use these bands for the rehabilitation purposes of their patients and endocrinologists for diabetic's home workouts as it helps to lessen tension and provides lower impact exercises. You really can't go wrong with these bands! 


You should opt for resistance bands if you:

a.) Want to get fit but struggle to find time to go to the gym

b.) Don’t have a room for bulky and large exercise equipment
c.) Would rather save the thousands of dollars needed for a gym membership
d.) Are looking for an at-home physical therapy solution

e.) Suffer from problematic joints 

f.) Prefer low impact exercises

g.) Want to hit those persons who are vexing you by snapping these bands to them (Just kidding!)

Why choose our loop resistance bands?

HIGHEST QUALITY MADE. Made of the highest quality and durable natural latex that is snap resistant.

Bands are 10" by 2" when laid flat (20" circumference).

Tested to ensure the best user experience.




Easily combine the bands to get a wide variety of resistance levels. Use them individually or combined

and have 7 different resistance level options. Perfect for P90x, CrossFit, Beach Body, Boot Camp,

Yoga, Pilates, General Exercise, Stretching, Insanity, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, and much more.

We give you FREE Workout guide eBook that will work your arms, legs, back, shoulders,

ankles, hips, booty, glutes, and core. 



LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE. Excuses will be left behind as Athleema Resistance Loop Bands comes with a carrying case bag that lets you workout anytime, anywhere!



LIFETIME WARRANTY & GUARANTEE. We are so confident in the quality that we offer a lifetime warranty & guarantee. If your resistance bands break, we will replace them for free.


PERFECT GIFT. Resistance Bands are the perfect gift for Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays, Holidays, or just a nice Surprise. Buy one for yourself and for someone else!



LATEST FREE WORKOUTS. Find us on our social media @athleema to be one with our community. We post new workout ideas and inspiration. Follow and tag us to get a chance to be featured. It's your time to shine!


What's in the Box?


   - Set of three 10" x 2" Athleema loop bands 
   - Green: Light Resistance 
   - Blue: Medium Resistance 
   - Red: Heavy Resistance 
   - One convenient carry bag 
   - Workout Guide eBook 

Get your FREE Workout Guide when you order today!

Don't Be Out Of The Loop During Your Next Exercise Routine. Discover The Benefits Of Resistance Loop Bands.

Few of its Features / Benefits


   1.) Get a cost effective workout 
   2.) Adapt easily for multiple fitness levels 
   3.) Modify familiar exercises 
   4.) Exercise your whole body 
   5.) Save on storage space 


6.) Workout anytime, anywhere
7.) Add variety to your workouts 
8.) Exercise safely, even when you're alone 
9.) Combine with other exercise equipment 
10.) Get an effective workout 

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